About Us

The Little Bow-wood Nursery School was established in 2004.

The Little Bow-wood Nursery School

The Little Bow-wood Nursery School was founded in 2004, with qualified staff who have many years of experience with children.

The school programme is designed in such a way as to develop and enrich all aspects of your¬†child’s life.

Our aim at The Little Bow-wood Nursery School is to develop your child in every aspect; physically, socially, emotionally and mentally.

We have morning classes where themes and topics are discussed which gives the children an opportunity to develop their intellectual and language skills.


During free play, the children have access to all the outdoor equipment as well as educational games inside.

Storytime not only allows the child to reap the benefits of literature but also provides a chance for them to catch their breath, relax and enjoy a good story.

We strive to provide a secure and loving environment for your child as well as a fun one, after all, they are only young once.


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